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Bacteria & Germs are HARHMFUL!

Unpleasant Smell



Skin Irritation


What is bactakleen?

  • A preventive program to improve indoor air quality and keep contact surfaces free from bacteria and germs.
  • Non-toxic & environmentally safe
  • No harmful effect on human and health

Treatment Method

  • Bactakleen ZnTiO2 Coating has no scent – unpleasant odours will disappear as the coating breaks down the contaminants.
  • The coating will remove odour caused by organics and even offensive cleanser odours.
  • After first treatment, repeat every 3 months (house/office) and every month (car).
  • One treatment takes about 15 minutes (car), 20 minutes (standard-sized bedroom) and 2 – 4 hours (house).